Thursday, July 08, 2010

The start of Sandy Mt Festival!

Dear City of Sandy,

You are pompous, unorganized, and ignorant in how to run a parade this year. In past years I have seen a smooth ran festival machine, but as far as today’s events went you are not that machine any longer. Here am I coming home to enjoy the coolness that is my house when I see a porta-potty in my yard! Yes, A PORTA-POTTY! I don’t care if you think that area belongs to you – IT DOESN’T! I care for the lawn there; I weed, mow, and take care of any snow, leaf, or grass – NOT YOU! And when I say I, I’m referring to my husband!

Okay, so I get over your stink’n porta-pot behaviors and set myself in for the staging area in front of my house. We’ve been gracious about the traffic, the people parking in our grass, the peoples walking through our grass, and the general ciaos that is the staging area of a parade. Not a big deal, we even like sitting and watching the floats and cars go by. Although, as I sit and watch the beginning of this unorganized event begins to unravel it’s self to me. One group of people looking for their staging area can’t seem to find their group – their in the wrong space. A VFW jeep can’t park in its staging area because, opps – you forgot to put no parking signs up for those who feel the need to park less then a block away from the parade route. So now, that said jeep is circling the block waiting for all the moms and dads to stop dropping off their kids in the wrong place.

Now, let’s talk about your traffic control problem. Now, like I said we enjoy sitting at our house and watching the set up, but we invite our entire tribe of friends and family to join us at the parade, which I have loyally blocked off a whole block of space so that all of us have perfect seats for viewing of this wonderful tradition that is the Sandy mountain festival Parade. That being said, how the HELL is my friends and family suppose to go to the parade if they can’t even park ANYWHERE near my house to join me? City of Sandy, let me tell you this, you can NOT block of access to the main artery of your city 2 hours before the parade even begins. You can NOT block people from parking near the parade route, or you will slowly loose interest in this parade. You will have an entire army of friends and family join in a boycott of your parade! Children will no longer want to join in the fun of the parade by riding on floats, or walking in the parade, and who really likes the incredibly loud horn on the tow trucks anyways? And really, you allowed Taco Bell to rent a U-Haul Truck with posters on it as a parade float! Just pitiful!

By the way City of Sandy, where the heck did the candy go? The kids want candy! They want audience participation! I hope the rest of the Sandy Mountain Festival has a brighter future in store then the shameful show that was the parade today!


Your Loyal and Loving Home Owner

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Anonymous said...

All I have to say is AMEN!!