Saturday, July 10, 2010

The room that will never be.....for now!

I want to scrapbook so bad these past few days that my creative itch is just clawing at my fingers. My room though you see is in no way capable of allowing me to scrapbook anything organized. I wish I could have a group of friends come over and we could just pull it all back together. Unfortunately though my friends do not scrapbook like I do, most don’t even take anywhere close to the amount of pictures that I do. So, I am left with a sad and cluttered craft room for now. Maybe some time at the end of this month I can get some time to put it all together.

I have so much stuff that it’s just too difficult to organize in just one sitting. Three tables worth of products, several shelves of books, paper, embellishments, and then the amount of pictures I have boxed up is just outrageous. I know where I want to start, but it will take a full day of work to really get it all taken care of. I also have a whole bunch of Close to my Heart product that I don’t foresee ever using – like old catalogs! What do you do with that?

Here’s how I want to organize my room. Table #1 to the left of the entrance would be my main crafting space – also my hand made table from my hubby. It would include a 3-teir paper rack to hold current project and supplies; my cutting mat; tape gun; paper trimmer; cuddle bug die cut machine, and a cup of pens for journaling. If room I would also like this table to be the area I’d put my laptop when not in use and be able to use when I want to type out my journaling. On Table #2; located to the right of the closet; I would use for my computer table. This would house the main computer and 3 printers. Underneath I would have my storage ottoman filled with finished, older albums as well as a short 3 drawer storage shelf that olds tools and embellishments. Above the table would be the two wire rack paper holders that hold cardstock and basic gray collection patterned paper. Under the window area I would have my 2 multi-colored racks that hold all the rest of my collection of embellishments, tools, and some smaller sized paper. Against the 3rd wall and right to the entrance would be my final table, Table #3. This table is shorter then the others so would not have as much space. I would have this space be another crafting table with another paper trimmer, and would be used for the messier crafts such as painting or liquid gluing. The table would have house my second die cut machine, mini albums, and large projects in progress. Next to the table would be my shelf that holds the rest of the patterned paper, idea books, and cases of photos that are organized.

Now, this certainly sounds like I have a plan and just need to implement it, but when you walk into the room there is so much to do that it’s overwhelming for even the most organized person. First the floor is covered in stuff that does not belong in the room, the tables are overflowing with more stuff that doesn’t have a home, and then all the supplies I have left out have forgotten homes. Plus, don’t forget the stuff that does belong there, but because there’s so much of it I’ve ran out space for it. Yicks! Someone rescue me from the insanity!

Here are some photos of the room in it's current condition.


Keelie said...

I feel your pain! I have the same battle to conquer and it's hard with a little girl in tow!
Maybe I can motivate you by telling you the steps I would take to start the process? I find if I do this then it helps to eliminate the "where do I start?!" feeling.

1. Take out everything that doesn't belon in that room and put it away (yes this may take a day in itself but getting this room in order will be a process) ;)

2. In piles or boxes on the floor categorize things (ie all loose paper in one box, all loose embellishments in bother, all tools in another, etc) this will help to clear out desk and drawer space so you can re organize everything and have the space to do it :)

3. Take your pictures and go through them , try to box them up by category (ie all pics for julias baby album in one box, all pics for wedding album in one, etc)

4.using sticky post its, go through all your now emptied out desk/drawer space and write down the name of the item an stick it to where it will go (ie "stamps" on a drawer dedicated to stamps and ink pads, "embellishments" on a drawer or those, etc) this makes it so you will know where everythings "home" is before you start to put it away. It also shows you if everything will hve a place and if not then it shows you what you may need to do or get to organize those things that won't fit in an already designated place.

5. Start with one box on the floor...say embellishments, and put them away in their new labeled home. Then move on to the next and so on and so forth. At the end you will see what doesn't fit and needs
More storage solutions, and while you're putting away each box you can weed trough what you do and don't want. I keep three garbage bags handy, one for garbage, one for recycling and one for donation. I throw useless stuff in the garbage bag, paper scraps and old catalogs in the recycle bag and stuff that's useful but I don't need in re do atipn bag. I donate those stuff to a place called "scrap" on MLK. They are an awesome non profit that helps out schools. Google it to read about it and see what they accept. :)

This process will take a bit but boxing stuff up in categories makes it easy to strt and stop and in the end you'll have a perfectly organized craft space!

I'm still workingon challenge is fitting all my stuff ( scrapbook, paint, drawing, sculpting, sewing, etc) into a space the size of a small walk in closet! Lol ugh!

Rebekah said...

Awsome advice Keelie! The boxes idea will work great. I even have empty diaper boxes to use! I do have all my photos organized though - thankfully! Now I need to go through and print about a thousand of Julia in the past 2 years! Thanks!