Sunday, July 11, 2010

You A-Z - Your personal scrapbook story

So I recently read about an online scrapbook course about working on your story, a scrapbook all about yourself and the stories that your family will learn about you. I have always backed away from telling my own story, but with my recent love for blogging I have found that my story can be pretty interesting. The concept of the class was titled “An A to Z All About Me” and this made me think about all the stories I had and how I could sort them out alphabetically.

So, I opened a word document and type out the alphabet, one for each line. I came up with some good stories right off the bat. Instead of taking the course and paying someone to come up with the creativity for me I decided that I would be the one who could do it and now I am working developing a template for each page.

The album will include a title page, a layout for each letter (some single page, some double page) and then a closing page. I envision each page have a large letter for its title, a photo of the subject of the story, and then the journaling that goes along with that letter. I’m going to have to look through a lot of old pictures to find evidence that can go along with some of the stories. I also plan on writing each letter’s story once a day. Let’s just hope that I can come up with the stories. When my template is finished I will share it with you. Let’s start scrap’n!


Sharon C. said...

Brilliant! I love free ideas and this one is a keeper! Thanks for letting us know.

E said...

very cool... i have been thinking of doing an A-Z of me album...but i love this idea... thanks for sharing