Monday, August 23, 2010

Stories, projects, and rooms....oh my!

I’ve been attempting to scrapbook off and on for about 3 weeks now and it always just turns into an Internet search for an hour or a clean/organize the room for 2 hours project instead of playing with paper and pictures. But, I can’t regret any of it because my room has more space to move around in and I’ll be able to organize it much more efficiently now. And on the flip side I have some amazing ideas formed in journals and projects waiting to be made in a file now too.

Here is the progress being made in my craft room and a list of the projects I’m currently starting (because we all know I can’t just start one!)

This is the table that will now have all printers & the computer that is slowly dying on me.
Empty Space! I took out the small table that originally held computer/printers. So now my craft table with go here and shelves will be against the other wall.

• 100 life changing moments: this is an idea I snagged from Big Picture Scrapbooking. It’s all about the moments in your life that were life changing and significant to the person you’ve become. This include all the big ones (graduations, first boyfriend, etc.) but also the little ones (meeting a certain person for the first time, learning to play an instrument, or using a cell phone for the first time).
• Interview yourself/Life Stories: You know those chain letters everyone sends out with silly questions like your favorite color, or where were you born, and even the weird ones like are you wearing socks? Well this is a great way to tell your story and get a quick journal down. Write out your favorites – color, song, movie, soda, ice cream flavor, etc. and just make a page about all of it!
• Baby’s 1st year: ok, it’s time to get this started and finished, Julia’s already 2! I’m gonna join a class at Big Picture Scrapbooking that will give me the motivation and inspiration to get this done!
• Family Tree: I haven’t done much on this, but I really want to get something started, even if it’s just a written out grid of family. Jon’s grandparents aren’t going to be around much longer and it’s time to get their stories down on paper. Mine are already gone and my Aunts are probably the only ones left to tell me much about the family.

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