Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Adventures in Public Transit!

We went on an adventure yesterday. We had no car (Jon drove to work) and wanted to be out and about in the world, so with no other form of transportation we headed onto public transportation from Sandy to Portland.

First of all, let me tell you I use to frequent MAX and the bus as a teenager, and never had any problems with the environment. Now, as a “suburban housewife” I dread any form of public transport! This isn’t my snobbieness coming out, it’s pure a hygiene and safety issue. People don’t wash their hands, don’t shower, and pick their noses on the bus. On MAX you hear about knife fights and shootings, and people getting ran over! So, needless to say I’m not a fan anymore. The years of invincibility are over for me. But, I can’t let that hinder my ability to get out and be active either. So, at 11 o’clock Julia and I stood at the bus stop and got onto the bus (her first time). She was excited and easy going; just read books and chatted at me the whole way into Gresham. Then, we waited at the MAX station and as the train approached her excitement increased. “Look at the train, Mommy” I could see her thinking.

As soon as we sat down though, the crazy began. I had weridos talking to me even though I wasn’t even looking their way, and smelly people standing to close for comfort. I had a bag packed with toys and Julia gear as well as mommy stuff, and no purse. It felt better to only look after 1 large bag instead of my small purse and hefty diaper bag. We rode the train all the way to Pioneer Court House Square to have lunch with Aunt Robin and shop at the Portland Farmer’s Market. (More on the market another time.) Julia had such a great time, but I could tell she was done with our adventure by the time we boarded the MAX again. Although, she could have played with the water fountains for much longer then I gave her. My next adventure to downtown Portland will include the use of a car and a trip to the central library for Julia.

The Famer's Market

Robin, Julia, and Me

Playing in the water fountain


Robnlin said...

I love our picture together.. we look amazing.. I see a frame for that one in our future.

Rebekah said...

I totally agree...I'm gonna zoom in on it and make it pretty! :)