Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Need to Socialize!

I have felt so out of sorts for the past week and have had an overwhelming loneliness come over me. I have this happen a lot being along so much. Most of the time I feel very pleased and secure in my way of life, my status, my entire life, but lately I just feel alone in all of it. I’ve had some toes stepped on, I’ve had some disappointments and just plain discouragement, so I know this all has to be part of the feelings I’m having. For awhile now I have wished for a group of moms who have the same beliefs, thoughts, problems, and interests as I do. This is a lot to ask of one person, let alone a group of people. But, I met a group like this a few years back called The Mom’s Club of Gresham. They are a non-profit group of moms who have several functions for charity, as well as have play dates and mom’s night out dates with each other, among other activities. They have a whole network of moms to call on when they are struggling or need to change things up in their life. How many of us wish we had that? I know I sure do.

Now, you probably ask why don’t I just join this group and have all this. Well, the first problem I had was that their group was also affiliated with a church that I do not belong to, and has different ideas then I. So, this was the biggest problem for me. All these ladies went to the same church – granted it was a huge church, but I have a home church and love it. Secondly, I found these ladies to have already formed bonds and cliques with each other; this commonly puts my back up and makes me afraid to join into a group. Hence why I never did cheerleading, student counsel, or any other ‘popular group’ activities – I just was never part of it from the beginning. I did however join the Newspaper and as many as the music groups as possible (i.e. – pep band, marching band, Band, and musicals). Anyways, I digress. My point is that this group was not for me, and I wish to have a group that is for me and is like said above group. I want to be able to have play-dates with other toddlers, have my child socialize with other kids besides the much older ones we already know, and more then just on Sundays at church. I want to be able to talk to moms who know about potty training, tantrums, development, and just overall mom/child life.

So, what is all this ranting about what I want all about? Well, I want to create a Mom’s Club. I have no clue how to begin this, and honestly don’t even know if I have time to take on such a task. Maybe this will be my small little mission for the rest of the year and then take it on next year. Maybe some friends want to join me in this gargantuan taste and be part of my mom’s club. Maybe it’s just a pipe dream. My first few steps are to talk to someone at my church and see if anyone would actually be interested in such a group, get a facebook census, post here on my blog, and research other groups (I’m fabulous at research). This all will most likely take me through the holidays, so I hope to begin this little adventure starting in the New Year. I hope some of you moms/wives/moms-to-be will find hope and encouragement some day from what I hope to start.

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