Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Shrimp Fest 2010!

Shrimp fest 2010 was a great success and filled with wonderful shrimp inspired foods! Though we may not have had the music pump’n or the lights all a flicker’n the food was amazing, and the crowd was beautifully filled with friends and family. Of course we had the traditional shrimp platter from Costco, a shrimp Caesar salad, shrimp enchiladas, and shrimp Alfredo as the main dishes. For the appetizers we went with some wonderful grilled and fried foods, such as bacon wrapped jump shrimp and coconut fried shrimp. Dave Olsen brought bacon wrapped tuna marinated in BBQ sauce, and later in the evening Jon made wonderful shrimp AND crab sushi! For dessert I made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, except some had chocolate once I ran out of the other, and our wonderful Jan and Iola brought cakes as well. Of course I had the margaritas out and made iced water in my awesome glass jug.

Those who could make it had their fill of shrimp these evening, and though we may have cooked pounds of shrimp in numerous ways, we have yet to had enough and will continue to cook shrimp for everyone as long as we can. I think Shrimp Gumbo is on the order for next year – Bubba would be proud!

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