Saturday, August 28, 2010

Random Julia Facts at 2 years!

Realized I hadn't done a random fact sheet on Julia since this one back in March, so here's a new one. We’re at a crucial point in Julia’s development and needed to get some fun facts down to remember of her. Julia is 25 months old or 2 years and 1 month.

1. You love to sleep – 12 hours or more at night and 2-3 hour naps! Wake up anywhere between 9:30 – 10:30.
2. Nap time is usually between 2 or 3.
3. Sesame Street is your favorite cartoon (Baby Einstein is a close 2nd)
4. You have words: go, Goat, cow, Moo, Dog, Daddy, Color, More, Please, Sorry, Help, Me, night-night, keys, song, rock, baby, Abby, Book, home, bottle, juice, up, down, Hi, bye-bye, ball, No, eat, Sissy, Rob-rob (Robin), Two, and I’m sure there are a few more to list that I can’t think of right now.
5. You have favorite foods: noodles, eggs, cheerios, anything with syrup, fruit, broccoli, green beans, tomatoes, ground meat, pork chops, Pizza, French fries, Hotdog, Pretzels, cheese, yogurt, toast, homemade cookies, cucumber, popcorn, goldfish, oatmeal, ice cream, lunch meat, and almost any time we give you food you try it!
6. You pick up the phone and Say “Hi” every time
7. You are ¼ of an inch short of 3 feet tall!
8. You had your 2 year exam with the Dr and did awesome – stopped crying after shot pretty quickly.
9. You have a play room dedicated to coloring and playing upstairs
10. When you color you declare “I coloring” over and over
11. You are learning to use the big girl potty and have peed once in the potty!
12. Each day you try to get a candy for trying to pee several times a day, but declare you are done once you sit on the potty for less then a second. No candy if you don’t sit AND try.
13. You Moo at cows when you see them
14. Aunt Robin’s nickname is Rob-rob & Ashleigh is Sissy
15. You have a stuffed Goat that you love like crazy and I got you a 2nd one to ensure we have it always, so the 2nd goat’s name is Two.
16. Anything that matches and is 2 you declare “Two” such as the Twins, Ethan and Logan
17. You are beginning to sit at the table in your high chair without your tray!
18. You love to climb up the chairs to sit at the table
19. You love shoes and insisted we buy you Pink Converse back in June (thankfully only $4.99)
20. You still protest nap and bedtime, but usually only a couple of minutes now
21. You like to “read” in bed before you fall asleep
22. Elmo is now 2nd and Abby Cadaby is now front running in favorite character!
23. You love to go for walks around town and to the library and farmer’s market
24. When we drive into the driveway returning home you spread your arms out and say “Home”
25. You are so into sports – especially football! You even know the touchdown symbol (both arms up straight in the air)
26. Your great-grandpa gave you a Oregon Beaver’s cheerleading outfit and you loved it – I still want to get the Oregon Ducks to mismatch with it!
27. You love to run around in your diaper before getting dressed in the morning & at bath time.
28. You love the water – bath, swimming, sprinkler, anything you can splash.
29. You love to go swimming at the local pool and are now confident enough to walk around the kiddy pool with your life jack on, but prefer to be in the big pool with all the kids.
30. When you go up the front steps you stop and smell the flowers
31. You no longer have physical therapy with Liz, instead have Speech therapy with Krystal.
32. You give the best hugs – wrapped arms around the neck and a big squeeze!
33. You have almost a daily tantrum/melt down that requires a time-out and then you immediately say “Sorry”
34. You wear 4T clothes and sometimes 3T because 4T is to long in pants. Your shoes size is 7, sometimes 6 ½ or 7 ½ (All in the shoe)
35. You can’t say many L words, especially Love, so you Sign Love when we tell you to tell someone you love them.
36. You only have 1 bottle of milk a day and we’re trying to get you to drink it in a cup instead of a bottle.
37. You’ve mastered the Sippy cup without the stray!
38. You are in Sunday School with the older kids now and learning your bible stories
39. You love stickers
40. At church you love to Tithe our weekly check and on 1st Sunday you always take your change up to the offering plate!
41. You have pigtails now and your hair is parting on the side!
42. You can reach almost everything on the kitchen counters now, and even open the microwave and start it! You only do this when you’re being naughty!
43. You love to help with everything – cooking, cleaning, picking toys up, putting laundry away, feeding the dog, and especially putting a DVD in to watch.
44. You pretend to swim in the bath tub on your belly and just started to lay back into the water (but won’t let ears go into water).
45. You play with bath toys at bath time – Elmo, cookie monster, Bert, and Abby are stackable water toys and you have a floating propeller Bert boat, as well as your Duck.
46. Sometimes you’ll keep a head-band on instead of pig tails – mostly you like to take it off
47. You wear matching sunglasses to mommy’s
48. You have a baby doll from Aunt Toni and sleep with the doll and have to feed her before nap & bedtime. You even read her a book at bedtime. So cute!
49. You wave hello and bye all the time now! You even say the words!
50. You play with Legos & pretend kitchen!
51. You have a tri-cycle you love to ride on
52. You rarely have anxiety about being dropped off with someone or babysat anymore.

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