Monday, November 08, 2010

Scrapbook Generation Creative Team

Julia's first haircut on December 11, 2009. Journal reads: "Your first haircut from cousin Becky. Your hair had grown into your eyes & become a problem. So, bangs were decided on. Soon afterwards I realized they weren't for you, so we began the grow out process."
What's this for?:
I have making a huge effort to make a submission to a creative team for one of my favorite scrapbook blogs - Scrapbook Generations, or Scrapbooking Ali. The blog is all about scrapbooking and using sketches for your pages. I've always done well with an outline for my work and when I came upon this blog I was immediately hooked. As of now Ali, the creator of the blog, does a Sketch week each month and will be launching a new site with all sketches, all the time. They are now in the process of looking for a creative team. I have no expectations in becoming part of this team, because I know there are many more experienced scrappers out there who have alot more at their disposal. I would really love some exposure of my craft, create new contacts who love the craft as much as I, and get some recognition for the ability I do have. So, here is my first page for my submission. I have 2 more Layouts to create still.

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