Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween 2010

Julia’s first trick or treating Halloween and she dressed as Cinderella. The day before we trenched out into the rain (rain boots and all) with Ashleigh, Christina, and Morgan to do Sandy Main street trick or treating. It was soo wet out we didn’t do the entire route. Julia was a little overwhelmed at first and didn’t know how to say trick or treat very well – usually came out something like “tick teet”, which was super cute anyways. If she couldn’t get out those words I’d prompt her to say Candy Please – which was even cuter, “Candy Pwease!”

On Halloween afternoon Jon and I got Julia dressed up again, once again donning the rain boots even though the sky was clear today, and headed out to the Gresham Main Street trick or treating event. This was super busy, and much more so then I had expected it to be. I was expecting a huge crowd, but not a bunch of people standing around now moving so that the kids had to stand in a line to trick or treat – it was a little unorganized. This event took much more of our time then we had wanted (almost an hour) so we quickly rushed over to visit Aunt Toni and Uncle Dad; a tradition we started when Julia was a baby. Julia got some candy from Toni and we sat and got caught up with our favorite Aunt & Uncle. Julia was even able to say “Toni” now!

After our visit we headed home for our house full of friends. Andy and Laura handed out candy for us while we were gone, and Robi and Jay showed up dressed to impress in full costume. Robin was Cinderella too, which made for great joy in Julia to see that they matched, and Jason was a dead poker player (very scary for the little kids and Julia). We ate out traditional Pizza and watched not-so-scary movies – “Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin” and “How to train your Dragon.” Julia went on one more trip trick or treating adventure with Robin in our neighborhood and then helped hand out candy before heading to bed with an upset tummy filled with candy. It was a wonderful holiday filled with new and old traditions, new experiences, and wonderful memories.

Julia & Robin as Cinderella Running to the next store Candy pwease! Standing in line for candy Elmo at Walgreens Juia's face after seeing Elmo walking in the rain with Ashleigh

Cousins - Payton and jared!
All the girls!
Posing with baby frankienstein.
First stop
Jon's pumpkin - Trogdar

Helping empty the pumpkin

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