Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 1 review of Potty Training...

I can only express to you how hard this is by showing the exact schedule I followed with Julia on day 1 of her potty training boot-camp. At no time did she ever actually pee or poop into her potty, and by the end of the day I was ready to just give up and wait another few months!!

She woke up and I explained to her she was going to wear her panties today!! YAY!! I told her she couldn't pee in her panties, but when she needed to pee or poop she needed to use the potty. As I go to place the pull-up over the panties she protests "No, no mommy. No diaper!" So, this is why you must learn to pee in the potty quick; because you hate wearing your diaper!! First struggle of the day adverted and I went along with it.

Times are labeled as when we attempted to use the potty...
-8:30 (immediately wants to try to pee)
- breakfast @ 9:15
- snack @ 11:50 (fruit snacks& grapes)
- time out/tantrum @ 11-11:10 (all over brushing her teeth and not wanting mommy to get the back teeth!)
- requested to use potty @ 11:30, tinkled
- peed in pants 11:55 (huge puddle of pee down her pants on the kitchen floor!)
- 12:15
- lunch (begins to toot and I begin to ask every 5 minutes if she wants to go poop)
- pooped in pants @ 12:35 (stood up from playing and declared "I need to potty!" I quickly swept her up and ran to the potty, but as we pull the pants down so came the poop!)
- diaper on, then peed, proceeded to change diaper
- nap @ 1:15 & wake @ 3;00, peed as soon as she woke up (3rd diaper in 2 hours!!)
-5:00, went in on own but no pee
-6:35 peed in pants
-7:00 bath and then no more panties
-8:00 start bed time changed diaper, in bed at 8:50
- 9:15 peed, change diaper
-10:00 peed, change diaper
- Finally asleep by 10:30, but proceeded to wake up about 5 times in the middle of the night.

So, day 2 will consist of possibly no nap due to a short babysitting trip, and probably more diaper changes. If she doesn't get it this week I won't be too worried because she's not even 3 yet and for her to develop early in something is completely against her norm. So, I am having high expectations I suppose.

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