Monday, February 21, 2011

Potty Training - Day 1: Morning

Today is day 1 of my potty training adventure! I am going full force potty training on my kido and will be documenting the first days of the experience. Now, we’ve had a potty chair in the house for over a year now, and Julia’s even peed in it a few times. But, she continues to be reluctant to use it on a regular basis. While talking to an Occupational Therapist about some potty training tips se suggested just putting her in some panties and allowing her to feel the sensation of having wet pants. In reply I said I just didn’t feel comfortable cleaning up a wet pile of pee all the time! Her suggestion was to place Julia in panties and put a pull-up over them – OF COURSE, why didn’t I think of that!? So…the plan is simple; put Julia in panties with pull-up over them; go to potty every hour if she stays dry; do not leave the house with Julia for at least 2-3 days while using this method. I’m certain she will go crazy not leaving the house this long, but if I am to stay consistent I really want her to know we are serious about this potty thing! Now, my exception of this will be is if she gets it right off the bat and uses the potty and stays dry! If this happens, which I’m reluctant to think will, I think it’s possible to go a short distance away.

Well, mom’s please comment on your potty training tips, experiences, and know-how. I will follow-up today’s post with how the day went in the evening. Wish me luck!!


Nikki said...

Good luck! We'll be starting very soon as well!

E said...

good luck