Tuesday, February 01, 2011

January in review

- Woke up to Uncle Jason on the couch on the 1st of the month after a very late night New Year’s Eve party!
- You moved into a Big Girl Bed!! The evening we took off the side rail of your crib was a pretty tough time, and you refused to allow us to take off the tent. We placed a gate at your door so that you wouldn’t come downstairs as you got up and down from bed.
- Jamba Juice is now your favorite Mall Visit Snack!
- Cousin Iris turned 6 – you enjoyed ice cream cupcakes on her behalf.
- You watched Mommy & Daddy get baptized at church
- You love to roll the ball back and forth on the floor and will do so for as long as the other person keeps rolling it back to you. You played this game with Pastor Ron when he and Cheryl had dinner with us.
- You finally let us take the tent off your bed, saying “Tent for babies” but then for a couple of days kept wanting it back. We plan to get a smaller type of bed tent for your big girl bed soon.
- You learned to Bowl! Such fun that was – thanks to Delia’s Birthday Party!
- Balloons are fantastic to you – you want to go to another party to get more!
- Toy Story Fruit Snacks are your guilty pressure.
- Snack time is usually at the phone table now while you finish watching your morning cartoons.
- We had the flu for a week – stomach flu, we puked, had diarrhea, and no appetite! We even managed to get Daddy sick (who always avoids being sick somehow). Your puking consisted of waiting until someone’s hand was under your mouth so that you could puke into it (Yuck!) and there were several nights with 3am baths for you! We also had our fill of movies…lots and lots of Toy Story, Monster’s INC, Nemo, and even Scooby Doo (because I was sick of Toy Story).
- You’re talking so much now! 4 word phrases/sentences a lot of the time and we’re almost to the point where you are having a full conversation with us now. Just in the last week of the month you began to count to yourself and you can count most of the time up to 4 and then jumble up the rest of the numbers up to 10.
- Potty Training is at a halt, the Flu was a road block to say the least, and so we will be working on it again soon.
- Sushi night was fun – you wanted to eat with chopsticks and even took bites off of the sushi!
- Nap time has been amazing all month – no fuss and you have 1 book, 1 song, and then go right to sleep!
- Bed time has NOT been amazing – you take at least an hour for us to get you ready, read you books, and sing you songs before you will lie in bed. Then you proceed to call out half a dozen times by getting out of bed, opening your door and slamming it open and calling for mommy or daddy. You then request for us to hold you numerous times, and even after that you will get out of bed and tell us about what toy you are playing with in bed or what book you are reading! Usually not until 10 o’clock do you fall asleep!
- You’ve been waking up at 8:30 most mornings since you can just jump out of your bed now and get up…this is taking a lot of getting use to on mommy’s part.
- You play with Brooke from church almost once a week now at her house, while I babysit her and her sister. Though on these days you refuse to take a nap at their house, you are doing remarkably well. You usually fall asleep in the car and then take a nap while I make dinner.
- Favorite foods still consist of Pizza and French fries, but you love Grapes right now too. Other foods you love are any kind of chip (prefer Ruffles cheddar and sour cream); toast; cheese stick; broccoli; popcorn; ice cream; ground meat; and cereal (prefer honey nut cheerios).

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