Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cough Cough!

Well, 2011 has sure started off at a fast pace. Christmas time feels like forever ago, and it's almost spring time! Life sure is passing us by. I'm hoping that I am capturing the moments. Once we finished with the flu we had a week of no illness and then jumped right into major infection time. Julia ended up with RSV, which is a respiratory infection but a virus that does not take to antibiotics, and had to have a breathing treatment to clear her lungs at the doctor's office. This was one moment I didn't capture with a camera, but she was amazingly good about it and kept the breathing tube in her mouth the whole time. After that she was still wheezing really bad so they send for an X-ray to make sure it wasn't pneumonia. She again was awesome and listened to directions very well. And for this she got a stuffed dinosaur toy (made by volunteers) and lots of stickers from the nurses. Grandma Nancy and I then took her out for Jamaba Juice and tried to get her to release all the jittery energy that the breathing treatment medicine (albuterole) gave her. I was not clear and free of this illness either and at the end of the week was worse off then Julia, with a respiratory infection too, and then Jon had to play nurse again to the two of us. As of now we are both doing much better!

At the dr Julia weighed 27 pounds and was 3 feet 1 inch tall! She seems to be growing so fast, and is getting to be so tall! A long way from her 11 inch beginning I'd say!

On Valentine's weekend Jon spend lots of time taking care of us and spoiling us to no end. Julia got new toys from the Disney Store and a board game from Walmart! On top of her getting extra goodies all weekend, and making cards for everyone. Jon bought me a new purse from Coach and a new IPhone! Holy Cow, I am spoiled! We're calling the gifts - Anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday Gifts! But, we all know I'll except something for my Birthday. haha - Jon's gift has yet to arrive in the mail (a Red Swingline Stapler) and he's going to pick out a Tablet (kinda like an IPad, but different brand) for his birthday. I'm hoping to be able to get him shoes too, but I think he wants the tablet more.

Well overall, life has been very blessed even with out illnesses. I am thankful for all the opportunities that arise in our life, and the blessings that are delivered to us daily. Here's some pictures....

Julia with her Elmo Valentine's Day Balloon!
Jon and I on the day before Valentine's Day

Me and my new purse! Wooo!

Julia and her all her toys!
Milkshake for good girls!
Sickie and her new Dino!

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