Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2 page layout - Grandma's Park

This layout took me awhile to do because I decided I was going to hand stitch around the green cardstock on both pages! WOW, that took forever! Once that was done I finished the layout in less then 30 minutes! Super easy! All supplies are from Echopark's new line Playground. The journaling block was the only piece not from this line.

Journal Reads: 3/3/10 – This park is where I grew up. Only 12 blocks from Grandma’s house, and as I child I always rode my bike or walked to this park to play, go swimming, or walk the dog. After meeting your Daddy, we realized we both grew up at this park (he only being 4 blocks away as a child) and had many of the same memories of the Montavilla Park on 82nd and Glisan. The playground is much different (and safer) then when I was a kid, but the surroundings are the same and the park is now Grandma’s Park to take you to enjoy!

Layout inspired by Sketch from


Keelie said...

It looks great! I'm a sucker for rainbows <3

Ez said...

tell me about hand stitching, every couple of weeks i decided to hand stitch something, and then i remember why i do not doing it on every LO. Keep telling the boy to buy me a sewing machine, so much quiker and easier. He just says "where would you put it", which is a very good point but i would make room!

LO look good, love the colours and paper you used!

btw, got some of my mojo back, done two LO and working on two minis so far this week!

will have to let you have a look at them sometime since it was the website you suggested that got me my mojo back

Rebekah said...

@ Keelie, I love rainbows too! All primary colors make me happy!

@ EZ, yeah for Mojo back! That site is so so awesome!

Ez said...

If you are interested Becky, i just posted the two LOs on my blog!