Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Part 2

There’s a certain process you go through with a 2 and half year old when it comes to Easter egg hunts, especially when you make your own eggs.

1st you show them the chemistry of dying eggs… oooh, pretty colors and stickers!

2nd you convince them that once the eggs are colored Mommy sends them to the Easter Bunny… because of course he’s too busy to make all his eggs!

3rd you hide the eggs before they are ever awake… in the event of rain you hide them on your covered front porch.

4th you make sure you wake them early enough that their mind is fuzzy enough not to remember those are their eggs hidden out there… she won’t even recognize them!

5th hunt for eggs in your pajamas before church …. No need to get that pretty dress dirty!

6th open up the basket of stuff!

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