Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting to know me...

My friend and fellow blogger, Megan-W has some questions for her followers, and I'd thought I'd post it right here on my blog for all to read.

Here are the questions & my answers:
1. How would you have described yourself in High School?

In high school I really had no clue who I was and what I was capable of in life. I had no foresight for the future, and really couldn’t tell you what I was like. Most people tell me I was very nice and friendly. I think this would be a good question to ask of others about me.

2. When you don't feel good what do you always want to help make yourself feel better?

My first thought usually is comfort, and that usually equals my mom and my husband. I use to rely a lot on food to make me feel better, but for some time now I’ve become accustomed to using activity to help me feel better. If I’m sick though, all I want to sleep and a lot of sympathy.

3. When you go to bath shops what type of flavors do you gravitate towards? Flowery, foods...

I really like perfume types, with a hint of sexy in them. I do like floral scents though, and after working the holidays in Bath and Body works I find that I gravitate towards rose scents and Shea butter scents.

4. When at a bar what is your drink?

That really depends on what kind of people I’m with and what kind of day I’ve had, also what kind of bar. In college I went for Vodka and cranberry or a comacazi, but now I generally get a light beer or what ever fruity drink is on the menu. I really love screwdrivers!

5. If you go to your closet right now what do you think is the predominant color in it?

Ha, that’s easy – Black & Pink! Black because I worked at bath & Body works and that was the dress code, and pink because I tend to always buy pink colored clothes and it’s my favorite color.


Megan Dub-Yuh said...

I didn't know you in HS but I knew you in college and you were pretty quiet then... even though you were the one who made friends with me by coming down and hanging out with the RA. Now that I think about it though maybe you weren't so quiet since you did try to tussle with the one armed girl.

Anonymous said...

hey becky, i was just thinking about you and was wondering if you were going to share with us your december daily album! i still working on mine! would love to see what you came up with take care