Saturday, April 02, 2011

First Ice Cream Layout

Here is my latest Layout for Julia's book. "First Ice Cream" The pictures are hard to see most of the elements, so for that I apologize. If anyone has any tips on taking pictures of Layouts I would much appreciate it.

Journal Reads: "Still in celebration mode we decide to give Julia her first taste of soft serve ice cream. She'll forever be addicted." -July 18, 2010 (One day after her 1st birthday)

I cut out the ice cream cones from the Patterned Paper and used pop dots to add dimension.


Anonymous said...

i know how you fill about taking photos of your Lo, is really hard. My tip is to take your LO, outside when the sun is at it highest point. Stand above the LO, and zoom in as much as possible. Then crop the photos is Photoshop or another program, to get it straight. That all i can suggest. Looking good. Cannot wait to see more!

Rebekah said...

thanks for the tip. Sometimes I will take the photo next to the window, but since it's so rainy these days I haven't had much luck with sunny weather. :)

Anonymous said...

if it too wet the other idea is to do it inside with somewhere that get good light... for me that is the kitchen floor, which is always good fun because as soon as i put something down there, Piggie (my cat) likes to get on in the fun.