Friday, April 01, 2011

One Little Word.... bringing it to life

The warm air today, along with some inspiring words from a fellow blogger, has brought me back to my One Little Word: Simplify. My main goal with the word was the make my life simple and less cluttered with the unnecessary. With the warm weather approuching slowly I need to begin to process of de-cluttering our home.

My reasons behind this are simple - I need more space. The reason for more space is due to our need to increase our family size. Yes, we want to have another baby this year and with the space and clutter we have now there is simply not enough room for even a tiny infant to come into our house to live.

So, my first mission is to find a corner and start small, and so far I have done that in Julia's closet and made it more friendly to her and gave her more space to play. But, now I need to move past that I begin in rooms that are in need of major reorganizing. The main spaces include my craft room and our basement! Now, I've written about my craft room before and have made dramatic changes to it for the better, but certainly not for the best. And, our basement is a disaster and fire hazard waiting to happen!

For the craft room I plan to keep 1 corner and the closet for my crafts and move all the play room toys and furniture into this room in order to make room upstairs next to the 2 bedrooms for a new mini-nursery.

So in order to make this room happen...
1. I need to clean out the closet
2. Move large table w/ computer and printers down into the basement area
3. Move all rolling charts and book cases into closet and make assessable.

This will be my work in progress for the next month. After I manage this task we (Jon and I and anyone willing to help) will be tackling the basement. The basement is a whole separate post, so watch for the workings of that to come.


Anonymous said...

super jeously of your plans i have been trying to get the house organised for months now but dont have the motivation or the time to do it

also sprinling "baby dust" to help those baby dreams along

Rebekah said...

Thank you for the baby dust! I feel that like my path is in front of me and I just need to walk forward! :)