Saturday, April 02, 2011

Julia's Preemie Mini-Album

I've been wanting to share my mini-album I created for Julia's stay at the NICU for awhile now, but there are so many pictures it just takes a long time to get it posted. I created this book about a year ago almost and used almost exclusively Basic Grey paper.

Page 1: Preemie: gives the info on her birth weight(2 lbs)/gestation (26 weeks)
Page 2: Jaundice
Page 3: CPAP (air flow device that keeps her lungs inflated allowing her to breath)
Page 4: So Skinny: Julia's arms were skinnier then Jon's ring finger, the top picture is her wrist with his wedding band around it.
Page 5: Swaddle: One of the more important aspects of NICU care is making sure that the infant is in an environment as close to the womb as possible.
Page 6: Kangaroo Care: holding Julia as much as possible to develop skin to skin contact and emotional bonding.
Page 7: Growing: she developed fairly quickly over the 2 and half months.
Page 8: Feeding Tube
Page 9: Cares: the times during the day when the machines comes off and she is cared for with touch/diaper changing/exam from the dr
Page 10: Nose: a small abrasion from the CPAP prongs caused for some not so pretty photos of Julia's nose.
Page 11: Precious Baby: a professional photographer donated time and pictures for the babies in the NICU.
Page 12: Heart Murmur: the story about Julia's heart and how she is now
Page 13: CPAP off - the day she began to breath on her own!
Page 14/15: Bath time
Page 16: Daddy Time
Page 17: Grandma
Page 18: Feeding time: learning to bottle feed
Page 19: Car Seat Challenge - almost home
Page 20: Going home!
Hope you enjoyed the album! Thanks for looking though it with me....almost always makes me teary eyed.

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