Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Silly Kid...

Here are some pictures of my silly kid these days! She's got such a personality and I love it so much. I love watching her explore the world around her and experiment with her surroundings. She loves to laugh, make others laugh, and can be so loud and crazy at times it wears a person out. But, I love her personality and all it has to offer. Enjoy!

April 20th:
Julia playing on her rocker from IKEA and wearing her cowgirl hat! Such a Ham!

April 21st:
Helping me Vacuum. Julia is pretty scared of loud noises, including the vacuum. But, at times she'll come up and say "I wanna help!" and take over for me! It's darn cute!

April 23rd:
Just laying around watching a movie on a rainy day! One of her favorite activities is having a large blanket laid out and pulling a pillow out and snuggling up on the floor. She's probably going to make a great sleep-over pal!

April 29th:
Helping clean her table to get it ready for BBQs and summer eating!

April 12th:
The cat and the hat hat, super pink tutu, and snowman jammies - all while watching Tangled! She's the silliest kid and loves to play dress up with her own style!

may 9th: Another dress up experience - she wouldn't go a day without wearing her Easter Dress, especially after I washed it again and was trying to put it away! All over her froggy Pjs.

May 9th:
Chewy & Julia - She is so in love with her dog! Chewy is very protective of her, but could do without all the touchy feely stuff! Still, he puts up with it because she matters!

May 19th:
Snack time in the bucket! Julia loves to dump out the lego bucket and sit inside of it. This time she climbed in and asked me to hand her her snack too.

May 19th:
Lunch time outside = "Picnic" Julia says anytime we eat outside it's called a picnic and she loves it.

May 27th:
This is the eponymy of silly behavior from Julia! She took all the toys off of her bed, packed them in her Disney shopping bag, and then proceeded to pile them on top of Daddy while he was laying the couch. She then needed her pillow chair from upstairs on the couch to sit with, and climbed under the blanket to snuggle with him. So crazy!

May 21st:
Picking Jon up from work, she helped bring in the cart from the parking lot.

May 30th:
Outside dinner - she's going to learn all the skills of BBQing before she's 5, I'm sure of it.

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