Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's been going on in our home.....

So, I realized I've been really slacking behind on my memory keeping these days. So I wanted to upload and write a few notes about what's been going on in the Pontow family the past couple of month.

We've been doing a lot of outdoor activities, picnics and yard work, along with park visits and outings. Julia's been visiting with her cousins ALOT, and mostly has been a complete ham lately. She's so silly! I've also been taking most of my pictures with my IPhone, which is so much more handier then any camera, but doesn't always have the best quality. But, I love it!

In April.....

April 9th - This is Julia in the morning, she's not always such a sleeping beauty, sometimes she's more like a waking dragon. But, whenever you put a camera in front of her she'll have a smile and a glimmer in her eye.

April 11th:
Julia and Deliah went to see the movie "Hop" together right before Easter. It's been over a month now and Julia still talks about going to a movie with Deliah and Molly!

April 3rd:
Iris, Paige, and Julia - can you tell they love eachother!? This all of them up at Grandma Roxanne's house.

April 6th: Julia and Grandma Nancy - complete unconditional Love!

April 9th: Paige's 3rd Birthday - Julia, Paige, and Faith are all within 5 month of each other in age. That was a fun party!

April 30th: My march of Dimes walking team consisted of this group and Jon (who is taking the picture). Casey & Amanda are the couple with the 2 strollers and Megan next to me on the right are all from our Church! It was a great walk and great to donate time and money to such a great cause!

*More to come...**

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