Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 3 - Week in the life

So many things revolve around our budget and the ability to be frugal, and today was no different. During the summer time Regal Cinemas offered $1 movies in the mornings on Tuesday and Wednesday, so this week we took advantage of it and saw a movie for $1 each with Grandma Nancy. The movie was called “Legend of the Guardians,” a book turned movie about the war between good and evil owls. I hadn’t realized how much more mature this movie would be, and it was a difficult task to keep Julia occupied for the hour and half of time, except with the occasional licorice and popcorn and one long potty break. My mom loves to spend time with Julia and I, especially when it’s an activity that Julia can be super cute about (such as going to see a movie), and even bought Julia a big bag of popcorn! The rest of the day was filled with a park visit, lunch, and clothing exchanges for clothes that were too big for Julia from her birthday. By the end of all this, Julia was so tired she easily fell asleep in the car on the way home.

Being as it was Wednesday, I had Zumba at the gym and it as kid’s Zumba also. So, Julia put on her hand me down Nikes (which we all love for the fact she won’t be falling down anymore) and off we went to shack our booties! This gave Jon plenty of his own time at home to do whatever we wanted to (he mowed the lawn and game talked with Tyson). Being as dinner wasn’t as filling as I usually make it, I came home and made brownies and did some housework before bedtimes. Who doesn’t love to lick the beaters and mixing bowl after mom makes brownies? Today was a long day and still didn’t manage to get to bed until 11:30!

Before & After pictures of me in the morning

I think her PJs are getting to small for her...they left some serious sleep marks all over her.

Popcorn & a movie - what more can you ask for at 10 am?

Off she goes!

Julia and I swinging together!

Totally adores her Grandma Nancy!

Kid's Zumba!

Brownies are in the oven

Getting it all cleaned up!

**I've been taking less and less pictures each day, and I think that has to do with the amount of activity in each day. I'm thinking Day 4 will produce more pictures though. I'm doing good with getting myself in the pictures each day though, so I am pleased to have made that a focus! **

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