Monday, December 05, 2011

December Daily: Day 4

Day 4: Our story every year at Christmas time involves the Woodcrafter’s Company Christmas party. The last few years have been at Benihana’s, and I absolutely love it! This is Julia’s second year going with us, and being that she’s at the stage where she’s not always so great at restaurants it’s always a gamble if we’re going to have a good time. But, we did. Here’s my prompt I’ll use to journal in the actual album…

Loving the calm feeling rush over me knowing that if I release the anxiety that comes with the business I will do just fine today

Loving the red dress I borrowed from Jessica at Church

Loving the random text message “So close 2 done I can almost taste the sushi” from Jon today

Loving curling my hair and getting dressed up

Loving Julia’s gorgeous dress

Loving how much help my mom is

Loving that I made it on time this year (and early to boot)

Loving that I get to see and sit next to Mellissa every year and chit-chat with her

Loving how much Joy Julia brings everyone in a room

Loving that Nurse Cathy came this year (she was one of the handful of nurses Julia had in the NICU, and was the wife of Jon’s co-worker!)

Loving all the compliments & Merry Christmases

Loving the Sushi (but not as good as years past)

Loving that Roxanne & Matthew made it and are having a great time

Loving that Julia has a friend to play with off and on when she’s ready to be mischievous

Loving the tricks the cooks do at the hibachi grill

Loving steak, scallops, and Lobster!

Loving how curious Julia was to see all the cook’s tricks this year

Loving that Julia got her own Startbucks gift card this year for Hot Chocolate drinks!

Loving the sleigh that was given to Steve & Peggy

Loving the night out and the good memories

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