Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Quick weekend update

* My purse was stolen/lost on Saturday - huge upset and crying jag on my part. Don't really want to get into it anymore than that.

* Sunday, in order to forget about the horrible world, Jon and I went to Lincoln City and Newport to relax and enjoy the last days of summer. Chewy was so much fun! More on that later.

*Now that I have time to actually write instead of cut and past - Mathew has been in and out of surgery and now has a new liver in him as of last week on Tuesday night. He is still recovering at OHSU this week, and should be returning home soon. Everyone MUST be very sterile around him and not give him ANY stress.

*Today was the first day back from to work/school, and we have 5 NEW kindys, and it's crazy! My back hurt so much, and then we went into 2 hours of dance lessons tonight. Time for bed!

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andy (dad) said...

what day and hour is your wedding some of us relatives have a need to know. Love the two of you. Andy (DAD)