Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sorting Paper for the Craft Room....

Tonight I plan to sort through a box of paper that has not been organized in any way. Most of the paper was purchased at least 2 years ago and has just been floating around my room from one spot to another not having a home of its own. In order to find a home for this paper I had to clear out old magazines and other items not in use any longer. This reorganizing of my scrap room has taken on a new life and has become my daily adventure in organizing and sorting.

So how does one go about sorting paper? I’m sure you non scrapbookers are thinking that’s its just paper and has no real need for organization or proper storing, but you my friend are wrong. Scrapbook paper is much more meaningful then just your plain old printer paper. There is patterned paper, cardstock, two sided papers, paper packs from manufactures that match, and even embellishments that match papers! So much to go through, I better get started. I will add at the end this post how I sorted it and a picture of the pretty paper.


The paper has been sorted and ogled well (I have some great paper I need to get some pictures onto). I decided to sort my manufacture like I had been doing in the past, since most of it was already sorted that way. I like to work with coordinating paper, so this works best for me. My card stock is sorted by color and by manufacturer (I have 3 different styles of cardstock).
Here are some of my techniques I used with the picture.

1). These are racks from Cropper Hopper with some of the paper sorted with 12X12 clear envelopes; clear 12X12 page dividers; or just labeled with a sticky note on the side.

*I wish I would have been able to change to the clear racks in order to see the paper better, but I have to use what I have. The paper packs in between the left side of racks are more basic grey paper packs that do not fit on the wire racks. I'll need to find a place for them ot purge more paper. *

*I love these racks, but they are $60 a piece and even on sale I have a hard time justifying such a purchase anymore*

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E said...

goss i wish i was this oranised, my papers are in cropper hoppers but they are all over the place, and change based on my mood and what i am doing at the time. :)