Friday, August 27, 2010

A lost Friend Who is Found...

My friend and ex-co-worker was lost on Mt. Hood last winter and the news of her loss hit me harder then I had expected it to. I don’t deal with loss very well, and I was not exceptionally close to her, but I had to reexamine the reasons behind why people who are as pure at heart as she was are lost at such an early age. It took me some time to get past the grief I had developed, and it helped to read other people’s stories on the website her sister had created. I know 100% that she is with the Lord and thank him for allowing her to be part of a very short part of my life and impact me so much.

On August 26, her body and the body of the other climber lost with her were rescued finally on Mt. Hood. I drive by a beautiful view of Mt. Hood almost every day and each time I pray for her body to be found. The weekend before the rescue of her body I remember specifically praying to God that her body be found before the first snow hits in just a few weeks. It was a quick prayer and nothing more then I usually did, but that day I thought about her all day long after I had prayed. The next day, Monday, there was news that a body had been found, and then just 3 short days later two were brought down from the mountain.

I already know from own experiences that God answers my prayers, and how powerful he is with those answers. I become stronger in my faith through these experiences, and feel like this is just another testimony of why Jesus is my savor!

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