Monday, October 18, 2010

Crib Tent!

Today was the first day wit the crib tent and as far as I can tell its doing the job it was meant to – keep my child safe from falling out of the crib and reduce any desire to attempt to jump out! But, the extra benefit from this wonderful device; it appears to give some sort of soothing affect to her. The first use was last night at bed time, and we decided that during the night we may need to check on her/cover her up at night so we left it unzipped. Then, today during nap time she gave me a little bit of a fuss as I was walking out and then called out to me shortly after, but did lie down right away. She at first stuck her hands under the loose part of the bar (because we have a sleigh-bed style crib the front bar dips and the Velcro did not reach all the way around it – as of now this is fixed and no more loose bar) but when that failed to give her any room to escape she quickly gave up any effort and went right to sleep. Now, the second bed time with the crib tent and she laid in her bed looking up at it and went right to sleep.

My prayers were answered when I found this Crib Tent on Craig’s List for only $20. I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for nap times! Thank you to the women who went out of her way to get this tent to me, as well as sell it! Thank you to the manufacturer who devised such a contraption, and thank you to all my friends who pointed me into the right direction!

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