Wednesday, October 27, 2010

December Daily Scrapbook Project

I have completed my December Daily book and have decided to name the project 30 days of Christmas because our holiday season begins the day after Thanksgiving, or Black Friday. This holiday season will be so exciting for me. Trying to fit in all of our traditions and work part time will make the season go by so fast. I am so glad to be creating a memory like this in order to remember it all.

In order to really organize the process for myself I wrote out all 30 days and scheduled in the events I already knew about. I also made lists of events I needed dates for and events I needed to make time for. I can’t wait to start new traditions and continue the old ones.

Christmas to me means all these things and more.
- Fancy dinner with Jon’s work
- Family gift exchange/holiday party
- Holiday Music
- Baking cookies & Gifting cookies in a jar
- Having Christmas photos done & sending out holiday cards
- Snow
- Watching “The White Christmas”
Christmas will also mean new traditions and some of them will include these…
- Visiting Santa at the mall
- Zoo Lights
- Peacock Lane
- Reading Christmas books to Julia
- Creating 30 days of Christmas!

Here is a photo of the album all put together and a couple of the pages dated for each day.
The finished product - I went 8.5 X 11 - couldn't find a 3 ring either. So, just a traditional album.
Day 25 - I should have used this font more often, it really stood out!

Day 30 - Merry Christmas! This will be the final day of my book, being that it's Christmas.

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Rachel said...

That font really does look lovely...perfect for Christmas!