Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fall Beauty

Welcome fall and goodbye summer, not that we had much of a summer to begin with. I’ve found that I truly do love the fall weather in Oregon. The changing colors of the leaves, the colder mornings, and shorter days all appeal to me right now. Having a child also makes each season change so much more special to me too. Now I get to re-experience all that is wonderful through her eyes. Going to a pumpkin patch, hay rides, picking up orange leaves and coloring them, sweaters and long sleeves, rain puddles, Halloween, and everything in between. It’s just so peaceful to watch her see the wonderment of it all. Each new experience she has is captured in a memory and a lot of times in a photograph. We have a photo shoot scheduled (with a professional photographer) during the best time of the fall season and it’s at a pumpkin patch. I can not wait to capture the expressions, excitement, and all the animation that Julia brings to her life every day with these wonderful fall colors. Happy Fall!
Julia going down the big slide at the park after picking up a leaf! Oct. 3rd, 2010

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