Monday, November 22, 2010

Scrapbook Generation Creative Team - Page 3

Here is my final submission to the Scrapbook Generation creative team. This is a 2-page layout with 8 photos. I used all S.E.I paper & letter stickers, and chatterbox ribbon to make the flowers. The sketch I used for this layout uses 10 photos, but I altered the look slightly. Instead of 2 photos at the top of page 1 and at the bottom of page 2 I used 1 each, resizing them slightly. I also resized the column of photos on page 2 from 4X4, to 4X 4.5 to allow the center photo to be cropped correctly. I adore this page immensely!

Today you is a concept I scraplifted from Ali Edwards, where I write about a random day/event in the day and write it in letter form to the person. In this case I wrote about Julia's first sprinkler adventure.
The journaling reads: Today you played in the sprinkler for the very first time. You were so excited to get your swimming suit on (but very confused when we didn’t walk off to the pool). At first you were reluctant to walk up to the fountain of water, and watched suspiciously as Mommy put her feet into the spray. You followed along by sticking your foot out to touch the sprinkles. Daddy then decided to kink the hose and make the water short so you could examine the mystery. You walked up to the water, put your hands in it, giggled, and then Daddy let go of the kink and sprayed you with the explosion of water. You ran quickly away but laughed about the surprise. We played out in the sprinkler for about an hour and by then you were successfully drenched from head to toe and ready for a warm bath. You are my water baby, and love the water in all its forms.

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