Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Leftovers

So, since Friendsgiving is over and done with I have a fridge packed full of leftovers. A large portion of turkey, most of my green bean casserole, half of my stuffing, and a few other things. My plan for my budget this next 2 weeks was to make leftovers from all the wonderful foods left over. I made a list of my favorite meals and substituted turkey into them and also found some amazing leftover recipes on the food network site.

Here's your Menu:
Here's a list of the dinner menu I created for the next 2 weeks. I bought many items in bulk at Costco, and we will also be receiving a free turkey from Jon's work that we will cook to add to our leftovers. Yes, we will be turkeyed out by December!

1. Pork Chops & Stove top
2. turkey enchiladas
3. Turkey soup w/ dumplings
4. turkey pot pie
5. turkey sandwiches w/ cranberry sauce
6. green bean casserole w/ Baked Chicken
7. Roasted chicken w/ cranberry sauce & cauliflower
8. Round 2 roasted chicken Slow cooked chili
9. Turkey& Stuffing casserole
10. Mushroom & Ground turkey spaghetti
11. Thanksgiving Dinner
12. Turkey Burritos with Spanish rice

A review of a few:
So far I have made turkey pot pie & turkey stuffing casserole (and of course sandwiches). The potpie was just like chicken, so I was not surprised at how good it was. I did add extra vegetables I had left over into it giving it some extra textures. Last night I went about making the casserole. Now, this was an experiment for me. The recipe called for uncooked stuffing, but I had a Rubbermaid container filled with cooked stove top, so I went with it.

-1 can of cream of mushroom soup
-1 cup of milk
-salt & pepper to taste
-small bag of frozen broccoli
-2 cups of cubed turkey
-left over stuffing (enough to cover the top of your casserole)
-2 cups of shredded cheese

Mix soup, milk, spices in sprayed medium casserole dish. Stir in broccoli and turkey. Cover with leftover stuffing. Cook at 400 degrees for 25 minutes (or until filling is bubbling). Top with shredded cheese and cook for 5 more minutes. Serve with a side salad and some rolls.
Sorry, there's no pictures - we ate it all to fast!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds delicious! With family extra here-- I do not think I will have any leftovers this year but i liked reading all your ideas.