Thursday, December 02, 2010

December Daily Day 6

Just an ordinary day for us today filled with house work, movies, and a full on PJ day for Julia; after she woke up with a wet bed. Wet beds have been a common theme in the morning about twice a week for her. She will leak through her diaper, usually due to the way she sleeps, and then after changing her I end up piling all of her blankets and stuffies around her as she sits there sad that I am dismantling her bed. I so can not wait until we buy pull-ups and begin the daily process of potty training. Even at bedtime now it’s becoming a struggle, with her learning to unzip her pajamas and undo her diaper (sometimes then falling asleep like this) and then us finding her this way when we check on her at night. Not only am I tackling many Christmas projects, events, working a part time job, and all the other duties I have on my list I am now going to attempt potty training in just a few short days. Just another reason why I love my life!

Julia sitting on her changing table, surrounded by all her bed items!

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