Thursday, December 02, 2010

Mommy's Gift Guide - Music Lovers and More

We are on the fast track to Christmas here and if yo haven't already done so you need to start your shopping now! Get online, get in the car and go, or make a phone order, but you better get your shopping started right away buddy! So, what do you plan to get your favorite mommy in your life? If you missed the first round gift guide go here, otherwise keep reading for a few more great ideas for those mom's that need some great holiday cheer in their lives.

If the mom you are shopping for (wife, daughter, sister, mother) is a music lover here are some of the top picks this year and a few of my own.

Music Mom:

1. ITunes Gift Card:
You can never go wrong with an ITunes gift card in the stocking, so they can pick and choose their favorite songs for their IPod. This of course is a must have for me, because I can never just choose on CD that I want - I usually want single songs and not an album.

2. Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits: I can probably list off about a dozen of my favorite songs by Bon Jovi and I am positive that those songs are on this album. One of the greatest bands created out there - they have made it through the aura of Boy bands, Alternative rock, candy Pop, and even more and continue to stay at the top of the charts and part of our culture. This is a must have also for me, and I choose to have the CD rather then a digital download because I then can play it in the car and rock out all the time!

3. Glee Soundtrack: Any of the gerat soundtracks from Glee are going to rock your world, simply because they are singing all of our favorite songs! This season on the first episode they open with JayZ's New york song and then go on to sing "I want to be a Billionaire" and who doesn't love that song?

4. Taylor Swift's "Speak Now": Ok, I have to admit I love Taylor Swift, and this can go either to young moms or their older daughters. It's one of the most popular albums out right now, so I can't just forget to mention it. She has a great voice, but I haven't heard much from this album yet.

5. The Beatles Stereo Box Set: Not only are all The Beatles music now available on ITunes, but they are always available to buy as a box set! Classic Old school at it best - this is what our parents and us both listened to, and you could probably find a song about any subject or feeling involved in any of their songs. They even have a song called "Julia"!

6. Black Eyed Peas' "The Beginning": I am so in love with their new song "The Time" that features the song from dirty dancing "Time of my life". Although it is a compilation of some of their older songs remixed I am a long time fan of BEP and would buy the album just for this one song! Hook me up with this one if I'm on your list!

Christian Mom:
Many of us fall short of thinking of the real reason for Christmas - The birth of Jesus Christ! I haven't written to much about my faith in this blog, and am not sure how much I will in the future, but I have a strong Christian Faith and believe that we should all continue to grow in our religion even when we are struggling in life. Here are my choices for gifts for a Christian Mom.

1. The Power of a Praying Wife: Book of Prayers: This book is about giving wives practical advice on praying for specific areas of their husband’s life including his decision-making, fears, spiritual strength, role as father, leader, faith and future. Last year I did a separate book by this Author about the power of a praying women, and it was so empowering, thought provoking, and spiritually uplifting that I became such a better person for reading it and participating in the bible study group.

2. Fabric Bible cover: This was one thing I have wanted for awhile - a bible cover with room to carry a pad of paper and pen. I'm tired of taking notes in Sunday School and then sticking them in the back of my bible.

3. Michael W. Smith: Wonder CD: I love the songs he sings and they are some of my favorite uplifting songs that we sing in church!

4. Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover: If you haven't taken Financial Peace University and made the decision to become Debt free then you need to read this book! Ramsey's unique perspective in how to buy a house, avoid debt collections, and become a happier and healthier person with your finances is amazing, inspiring, and a must know for all of us. We weren't taught how to do most of these things in school, and most of not even by our parents, so if you are looking to improve your financial health please read this book!

5. Becoming the Parent God Wants You to Be by Kevin Leman: I recently took a parenting class through my church that used the video series from this book as part of it's teaching. Jon and I consider ourselves pretty good parents, and have a strong ability to raise our child/children, but at the same time feel the need to always improve our strength and be aware of our weaknesses. This book really is about learning to be a parent and how God intended us to treat out children and raise them in a Christian home.

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