Monday, January 03, 2011

My New Year's Resolutions...

So, after coming up with my one little word for this year I’ve been looking at other aspects of my life and wanting to really real in the goals around me. You could call it new year’s resolutions, but they are just life goals, a bucket list you could say, but just things I want to accomplish in this next few months of life.

I’ve talked about my weight and wanting to get pregnant again, and those goals are written here on my other blog. Many of my goals will surround my Simplify one little word, but others are just there because. Here’s a list…anyone want to add theirs in?

1. Read more of “the classics” – I have a list of 100 books most people have read, and I have a good chunk of it done, but would like to keep going.
2. Lose 30 lbs – read here for specific goals related to this
3. Have a baby/get pregnant – My first experience at pregnancy was to say the least undesirable, and I’m hoping by leading a healthier and more active life now that I will be able to enjoy this one.
4. De-clutter my life – this goes into my Simplify life, and I hope to attack my whole house with gazelle intensity!
5. Baptism – This goal will be achieved on January 17 at my Church’s annual victory celebration.
6. Pray more/read my bible more – part of my simplify life too is that I want to choose to allow my prayers to be heard and continue to feel the blessings that God has given me.
7. Become a runner – whew, this one could be tough…I have some major foot pain going these days, and so once I can get that under control I think I should be able to refocus this goal.
8. Learn to take better pictures – I’m slowly learning my camera better, but I still end up with blurry shots a lot of the time and would really like to add more beautiful pictures into my scrapbooking and family albums.
9. Keep up my Scrapbooking – I’ve been going full force on my scrapbooking lately, and I would really love it if my creative and effort keep going.
10. Be a better mom – I can’t say I’m a bad mom, in-fact I appreciate that I am pretty good with my kiddo. I have a lot of 2 year old struggles ahead of me with Julia and I hope to manage through them without pulling my hair out or gaining anymore grays. I am also going to be helping out a friend with her 2 year old off and on for a few months, so this will give me more skills with Julia I am sure. So far this year I have more potty training on the list and transition to a toddler bed for Julia. I’m thinking that I will need to implement some of my above goals into this one to manage it (i.e. pray more).

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Boy Crazy said...

Good goals, girl!!! Happy new year!