Tuesday, December 06, 2011

December Daily: Day 5

Day 5: Here are some facebook posts from today…

  • Good Morning Monday! How am I going to accomplish it all today? Yicks!

at 6:49am


Rob'nlin Schneider Because you are super woman

Rebekah Pontow YAY! Do I get a cape and a mask? I could use a disguise!

Rob'nlin Schneider Oh yes you do!!!! coming right up sister

Rebekah Pontow Sweet!!! LOL

  • Some things just take longer then you think they should! *sigh* To-Do today: Preschool, coupons/shopping, Lunch with a friend, house cleaning (laundry & vacuum), and the in the evening the gym all while I attempt to document the holiday season!

at 7:55am

  • Preschool time, time to speed up my to-do list here and get on super speed!

at 9:15am

  • Not a lot done.....shoot, gotta get the kido now, lunch, and groceries!

at 10:40am

  • Had a great Olive Garden lunch with a super awesome friend from church who colored pictures with Julia! I love when people will include her into the conversations and not just be annoyed with her. She can be a handful, but it's great when people are laid back!

at 2:00pm

  • Time to get myself productive!!

at 3:00pm

The posts ended there abruptly, not because I was overly productive, but because I was aware from facebook! I commented here and there on other posts, but didn’t even post about my workout that evening. Just another day in the life of a facebook addict! The photo at the top is what's always preoccupying me - coupons!


Anonymous said...

what a lovely idea using your facebook conversation to document your day...

Sally said...

You're still fat. And it's probably from being in Facebook too much. It's also probably why your toddler is such a "challenge" - get off your fat ass, log off Facebook, and pay attention to her!